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Under Graduate

B.Sc. BOTANY (2014 Admission on wards)

The department has adopted the Choice Based Credit Semester System (CBCSS) followed by the University of Calicut with effect from 2009 admission onwards. The duration of the programme shall be of six semesters spread across a period of three academic years. The odd semesters shall be from June to October and the even semesters shall be from November to March. The undergraduate programme in Botany includes four courses:

  1. Common Course b) Core Course c) Complementary Course d) Open Course.

Core Course: Botany

Complementary Courses: Zoology, Chemistry

 Elective: Advanced Plant Systematics

Open Course: Applied Botany 

Titles of Core Course Papers offered in the Programme


Title of the course

I Course ­1 Angiosperm Anatomy
II Course­ 2 Research Methodology &Microtechnique
III Course­3 Microbiology, Mycology, Lichenology & Plant pathology
IV Course ­4 Phycology, Bryology & Pteridology
V Course ­5 Gymnosperms, Paleobotany, Phytogeography & Evolution
V Course­ 6­ Angiosperm Morphology & Systematics
V Course ­7 Embryology, Palynology, Economic Botany, Ethnobotany & Horticulture
V Course ­8 General & Bioinformatics,Introductory Biotechnology, Molecular Biology
VI Course 9 – Genetics & Plant Breeding
VI Course 10­ Plant Physiology & Metabolism
VI Course 11­Cell Biology & Biochemistry
VI Course 12 Environmental Science
VI Course 13 (Elective) Advanced Angiosperm Systematics


Programme out come

Course out come

Scheme and Syllabus of B.Sc Botany Programme under CBCSS UG Regulations 2019 with effect from 2019 Admission onwards